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Here you can browse game projects that I have worked on, art work that I have done, and a blog where I share my technical knonwledge with regards to game developement and design.

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Born in Accra, Ghana July 1983, I moved to Abidjan, Ivory Coast with my Mother at the age of 9 months. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Abidjan, occasionally visiting Accra, Ghana during the summer holidays.
During this time, I attend primary school, middle school and high school at the International Community School of Abidjan (ICSA). It was a small private English school, and this is where I learnt English in conjunction with already knowing and speaking French given that the Ivory Coast was a French speaking country.
I first discover my passion for video game development during 3rd grade. It started off as drawing comics and talking about the abilities of my characters (Similar to a table top dungeons and dragons game). I eventually learnt that to develop a game you needed more than art; you had to know how to program. Starting from 6th grade I set myself on a personal path to not only learn how to program but also make my first game. Thanks to the resources at school and some C/C++ books that no one used I learnt to program the hard and long way. By 12th grade, I had developed my first demo game. It was a great moment; having spent almost 5 years learning the ins and outs of programming.

After graduating from ICSA, I attended University at York University, Toronto, Canada. I was enrolled in the Computer Science program in a Bachelors of Art. During my 4 years at York, I learnt how to program with Java and other web technologies such as JSP, JavaScript, HTML and PHP. A lot of it, as usual, was self-thought, but I did get the best out of my Java courses. 4 years in I had to make decision with regards in the direction I wanted to go in my career. Still feeling very passionate about video games and wanting to be part of that industry (that along with some financial constrains), I transferred to the International Academy of Design Toronto (IADT). I spent 18 months there, culminating in a Diploma of Video Games with Honors. During my tenure, I further made inroads into game developed, and end up with several game demos and a complete 3D game (developed from the ground up using C# and XNA)

Upon graduation I did several web development contracts remotely for 9 months whilst awaiting my Canadian permanent residency.
My first full professional job was that of a Video game Instructor at Trios college (first at Kitchener, On, Canada and then at Hamilton, ON Canada). There I thought video game development courses, covering programming languages and tools such as: C# with XNA, Action Script 3, Maya, Photoshop, etc....
From there I worked at GameTronics (an electronic casino slot machine game company) for a year before the company folded.
That led me to THQ where I worked for the 2 and half years as a Localization and Software Engineer.

When THQ folded, I worked for 6 months at Fixboost as a full-stack Technical Director for their web products.
With video games still being my great passion, I return to the industry at UbiSoft Montreal in September 2013 as an Online Programmer, where I worked on successful AAA titles: Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor

Making video games has always been my passion, starting my own game studio has always been my dream. After 8 years in the industry, I made the bold move to start my own studio Illuminia Studios Inc. on January 1, 2018. It has been an exciting and intense journey these past 8 years, but with Illuminia Studios Inc., this is just the beginning of a new exciting and great chapter.

All in all I have been in the game industry for over 8 years and I have had the opportunity to expand on my skills, learn new technology and be part of the dynamic video game industry.
These are exciting times to be in the word of Technology and I eagerly look forward to what the future holds :).


Space Race
Game Type: 3D Cell-Shaded Space Race
Role: Technical Director, Lead Programmer

Space Racer is a 3D cell shaded racing game that takes place on 7 different worm holes throughout space. With goofy characters and whacky levels. This is a very fun and comical racer.
Demo: Click here to download installer

Luda Crisis Flash
Game Type: Flash management game
Role: Programmer, Designer , Artist

Luda Crisis is a Turn based Adventure Management game where the goal of the player is to make as much money as possible within 30 days whilst traveling from borough to borough.
Full game: Click here to play

Game Type: 2D top Scrolling Shooter

Trishade is a classic top-down scrolling shooter, where you take your plane and fire down oncoming enemies
Full game: Click here to play

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